• When it's working you'll feel the comfort. But when it sputters or breaks down, you'll soon feel the pain.

  • In buildings over two decades old fan coils are passing there expiry date and losing there puff - with bad effects on temperature and health. GTS refurbishes or, if necessary , replaces aging units with state of the art technology that brings indoor air quality into the twenty-first century.

  • Our technicians have the experience and expertise to safely remove mouldy surfaces and failing parts according to strict government guidelines. We install high performing new age insulation, ultra efficient motors that can cut energy consumption by a third, digital thermostats for precise temperature control and stainless steel drain pans with overflow switches for enhanced summer flood protection. With GTS fan coil refurbishment, you'll breathe easier. We deliver cleaner, fresher air, superior comfort and significant energy savings.

Mouldy fancoil workers working workers working dismantled cabinet empty cabinet scrap metal inside containment relined cabinet drain pan installed pre assembled coil rusted pan attaching hose new motor installed workers working fancoil installed fancoil installed fancoil installed backplate thermostat installed

Issues you may face

  • Poor indoor air quality due to mould growth

  • Substantial risk for water damag to your home

  • High energy costs (can be reduced up to 75%)

  • Home is too hot or cold due to lack of three way valve

The Work

  • All work must be done under level 2 containment as stated by EACO

  • must have pollution insurance

  • Fancoil units are ETL or CSA approved

  • Closed cell Insulation is used (KFLEX is recommended)

Not sure if this is the right solution for you? gives us a call at 647-345-5325 and we can go over your options. We offer affordable finacing and in suite consoltations