• As subjects go, dryers and ductwork are dryer than dust. But let lint build up in them and they can quickly become one hot topic.

  • Excessive lint in your appliance and its associated ductwork impedes its efficient operation, shortens its life span and adds to your energy bill. If that doesn’t get your temperature rising, we’ll add that lint presents a fire risk, since its accumulation around your dryer’s heating coil can result in ignition.

  • Expert GTS technicians have the training and experience to service all makes of dryers. Using specially designed high-pressure air tools and HEPA-filtered vacuums, they will remove the lint from your appliance and its entire exhaust system. As well as cleaning the dryer cabinet and heating coil, our service includes cleaning the duct from the back of the dryer to the lint trap, from the lint trap to the booster fan and from the booster fan to the outside wall—a network of ducts that can run as far as 50 feet.

  • Instead of pushing debris through the network, we pull it out—a more effective technique that avoids vent blockage. When the dust settles (in our vacuum bags), your appliance and ducts will be blissfully cool.

  • We can also clean and repair your bathroom exhaust fans and ducts.

Booster fan before cleaning after cleaning Lint Trap dirty-housing after cleaning dryer with lint